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Friday, July 14, 2017

summer running

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i run year round. there are pros and cons to different seasons. i love summer. i even love running in the summer, but it is really hot. last saturday was so warm. by the time i finished i literally could not take one more step. summer running is awesome..if you are careful.
Safety Tips for Runners during the Summer
By Alek S.
Many people view the summertime as an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and be active. However, just as the longer days and lack of wet elements open up the outdoors to us, the summer sun can be just as dangerous as black ice on a winter day. This is especially true for runners.
This summer has been especially hot in the west. And running yourself ragged in 100 degree weather is a quick way towards nausea and exhaustion. Don’t stop running just because the sun tells you to, though. Here are some safety tips to remember when running during the summertime!

Always stick with your pre/post workout routine
Just as with any season, it’s important to have a routine that you adhere to both before and after your run. On top of taking nutritional steps before and after you run, this involves stretching and getting your heart rate up before actually engaging in the bulk of your activity, and then bringing your heart rate down gradually after your run. This keeps you nimble and helps your body feel more balanced, which helps protect you from the heat. Just jumping right into an intense run in the summer sun is horribly unhealthy, and is likely to prevent you from further running down the line.

Stay hydrated
One of the most important things to remember with any exercise at any time is to stay hydrated. This is doubly as important in the summer heat, when dehydration and exhaustion can have incredibly dangerous effects, and even lead to fainting. Staying hydrated means more than just drinking water. It also means maintaining the right level of electrolytes and potassium to keep your energy level up. These minerals help you hydrate quicker. This can be accomplished through either supplements or classic sports drinks. Be sure to bring these things with you on your run, so that you can refuel wherever you’re at, instead of trying to hydrate just before and after.
Know how to train properly
Some people just run because they love to run and they need an activity for fitness. However, a great deal of runners are also working towards a larger goal, such as a marathon. For these runners, it is important to stick to a training routine with little deviation. However, when it comes to the summer heat, you still need to adjust your training to the fact that temperatures are rising. Failing to train properly greatly increases the risks of injury or health problems that emerge from dehydration. Here is a list of great training tips for runners that are training for a marathon.

Don’t run midday
During the summer, the best time to run is right before the sun comes up and right after the sun goes down. Early morning or evening runs help you get your running in at a moderate temperature, while the sun isn’t bearing down on you and pushing you to heat exhaustion. Much of running during the summertime involves a game of avoiding the sun. This means you have to arrange your schedule so that you can run around these times. Sure, you could try to fit in a good run on your lunch break, but it might be difficult to go back to a work day after a physically exhausting run in 90 degree heat.

Avoid unhealthy foods and drinks
If you are regularly running during the summer, you need to avoid foods that are going to bog you down or are a waste of energy. One of the most obvious examples of this is soda pop, which is high in sugar and can make you feel drowsy after minimal physical activity. However, eating heavy foods also gets in the way of safe running, and drinking alcohol regularly while engaging in a strenuous running routine increases the risks of heart problems. You should be trying to eat healthier anyways, if you are regularly running, but it is even more important to do so in the summertime.

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  1. I've never ever done running in the winter!! I don't know how people do it!!

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