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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.7

who's watching-Celsey and I have been watching on Tuesday nights after I teach my class at work. That ended last week so I luckily I didn't have to work late. I did have to move a bunch of stuff tonight and borrowed Shawn to help me. We came up to their awesome playroom to watch and clean up a little.

We start where last night left off-Leo being a mean girl dude to Kendall. Joe comes in and saves her and she realizes she just wants to focus on her relationship with Joe. Benoit talks to Jenna and she cries hysterically. Jordan is furious and lets Benoit know. 5 seconds later Benoit was in the hammock with Chelsea talking about passion.

Kevin creates a date for Astrid and they seem to have recovered from last night. They're pretty cute together, and despite what Annaliese says about being the strong couple with Kamil, Atrid and Kevin seem to be the resident strong couple. 

Eric and Angela get the date card. Their date continues to include a lot of excessive amounts of food. They seem pretty solidly into each other.

Chris plans a yoga session with Krystal and apparently they are back on.

John kisses Kendall. She immediately thinks about Joe and regrets kissing John (and everyone else on the beach). They establish themselves as a couple. The cocktail party starts. There are a few random toasts, and then Leo attacks Joe-first verbally and then physically. It's ridiculous.

The rest of the cocktail party is a mini episode of Chelsea as the bachelorette. She doesn't know what to do even though she has all the power. All the couples give their roses first. They say some pretty cute things, and then it's Chelsea's turn. We thought it was going to be Benoit, but she surprised us and gave it to John. Benoit is so sad.

Olivia arrives. We have no idea who she is. She talks to everyone and finds most people coupled up. She takes John on her date because he is the only real option. They crash some random girl's quincenera and have no idea what is going on. Things seem to be going well, and they have a good time.

Cassandra comes and there are basically no options for dudes to take on the date. Even though Eric and Angela decided they are all in, he woke up and changed his mind. Angela says everything is fine which is code for i hate you. He goes on the date with Cassandra, and the previews for next week look crazy.

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