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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

wear it wednesday...cardigans

i love cardigans!
 i wear them all year long, but i especially love them in fall.
a different cardigan totally changes the look of the outfit.

all photos by redhead memories



  1. I love it! What a fun idea for a post. You're right the different cardigans totally change the outfit. You have like a week of 30x30 outfits right here!

  2. you really are the queen of cardigans! where do you get the elbow length ones though? I've been searching all over but I only ever see the full length ones.

  3. I LOVE cardigans. I had to throw a lot away last year because they got pretty raggedy, and now I only have a few, so I'm slowly but surely building up my closet ;)

  4. You can pull off cardigans great!! Me on the other hand! i feel like they never look great on me!

  5. You'd never guess that these photos were taken a year ago ;). you're a babe!

  6. Love cardis! Glad to see someone has them in as many colors as I do!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Love the cardigans and the photos are WONDERFUL!!! You look so gorgeous!
    I hope I will see some fall colors round here very soon, too.... :)

    Have a blessed Sunday!


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