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Friday, October 24, 2014

all about the blog v. 1

when you're a blogger, all the crazy things about blogging just make sense.
when you're not a blogger, none of it makes sense.

in an attempt to make a little sense of all the craziness, i'm starting a new series...all about the blog.
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i talked about balance a few days ago, and a lot of people probably think my life would be more balanced if i just gave up blogging. it's not that simple. yes, i would have more time if i stopped blogging, but i would be giving up a lot of things too.
yes, blogging takes time and effort and money (yes i pay money and sometimes make money). it's hard work, but it's something i really enjoy. although enjoyment is a great reason to do something, it's not the only reason i blog. blogging can be tough sometimes, but it has some definite perks. amberly and i are talking blogging perks over on her blog today. head on over to find out why i keep up this crazy blogging thing.
do you blog? what are some of the perks?
if you don't blog, what are some of the perks to your hobbies?

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