Tuesday, July 15, 2014

soccer ball cake

i went to a super glam blogger event last night and missed the bach. I'll be back tomorrow for blogging the bach. 

since the world cup final landed on the same day as laurann's birthday, it was only fitting to make a soccer ball birthday cake. she loves soccer almost as much as my brothers (one of which didn't go to school this summer because of the world cup). i've seen the 3D ball pan several times, but this was my first time using. aside from needing to google the pattern for the soccer ball, it was fairly simple and so fun to make.

i always thought cake decorating was way too hard. it really is much simpler than it seems, and i love it.


  1. So cute!!!! I didn't know you were so talented ;)

  2. That cake is amazing!! I don't think if I had tried to make something looking like that that it would have turned out looking quite as well!


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