Wednesday, October 29, 2014

mouse trap food truck

all summer everyone local has been posting pics of food truck thursday. i kept meaning to go but never made it. the food truck craze hit utah big time, and there are so many good options. bri planned a fun, casual blogger night with the mouse trap truck. they brought some of their favorites and suggested we try it all. it was a really laid back evening of good food, time for catching up with friends, and an opportunity to make new friends. fall has been absolutely amazing this year, and it was probably one of the last warm enough to do an event in the park nights this year.

huge thanks to 
bri for planning such a fun event
mouse trap for providing the delicious food
les dedrickson photography for the pics (since i completely failed on that)

have you tried any food trucks? if you're local, what's your fave?


  1. I wish we had more food trucks in our area... Although I totally failed to try the corn dog truck down the street from our house, and the massive snow cones/corn dog truck over by Smith's that you went to this summer. Next year... :P

  2. You get invited to the coolest blogger meet ups! That looks so fun! :)

  3. We just had an event here and it was amazing! It was gorgeous, the size of the location holds a pretty large group of people, but the event coordinator still brings a very intimate atmosphere.

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