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Monday, October 20, 2014

random rambling...balance

a lot of people pick a word for the year; a word they want to focus on for the year or a theme for the year. this year i picked BALANCE.
towards the end of last year i felt a little like my life was getting out of control. everything was taking up too much time, and i struggled to find time for the important things. BALANCE seemed like the perfect word to help me get back on track with things. some other day i will talk about goals, but this seemed like a goal i could achieve throughout the year. even though my life felt out of BALANCE at the start of the year, i was pretty convinced i could fix that throughout the year.
bad news...that hasn't happened. my life feels more unBALANCEd now than it did in january. things take longer than i think they should, and my to do list is always a mile long. my bedtime is absolutely ridiculous, and i'm not making the time for the most important things. i stopped updating my monthly goals because my goal has been survival.
i really like to be busy. whenever i have free time, i feel it up fast. it's time to take inventory of the things that are keeping me busy. are they worthwhile? are they helping me progress in life/helping me become a better person? the year is coming to an end, but it's not over yet. i still have  a little time to try to get control over my life. obviously i need some help...
who has some ideas for me? what do you do to maintain BALANCE in your life? is it even possible?


  1. I think it's possible, but it's hard!!! I'm trying to get rid of THINGS because that's my biggest time suck, organizing and cleaning. But you have to figure your own time suck on your own. And FOR ME (not saying this for you AT ALL) I've had to stop caring about skipping a blog post or three. I'm still adjusting on a regular basis. We've been doing a big activity almost every day in Oct and other things have been ignored, so last week we stayed home and I got caught up on chores. Just because something works on Monday doesn't mean it will work on Tuesday.

    And I just said a whole lot of nothing! Ha!

  2. I feel the same way as a part-time teacher, mom, housemaker, Mormon, wife. It's caused me to begin to think I should quit at the end of the semester and just be a SAHM. I don't know if I will, but....

  3. I hate trying to find balance, it's the hardest thing in the world to do!

  4. Stop saying yes to everything... Maybe go to bed earlier, but get up earlier... it seems I am always more productive earlier then I am later... but, try to get at least 7 hrs of sleep. I've been thinking about cutting back to 3 blog posts from 5 a week (not that I do 5 every week). I don't know, just take baby steps. Maybe write down FIVE goals on cutting back or ways you really think will help and work towards those first. Or even 3 goals.

  5. It's such an interesting question you've asked. What are your priorities? Have you listed and weighted them? running? blogging? work? church? quiet time? sleep? etc. I think the way to achieve balance is to not over do it in any one area. Also, give yourself TIME to have quiet, un-busy time. There was a GConf. talk not too long ago that talked about not glorifying busy. I think I (and several of "us") tend to do that. "well, I'm so BUSY!" I try not to even use that word at all. Anyway... not sure if you'd call that advice or not.. but that's my 2 cents at least.


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