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Thursday, October 23, 2014

friend dinner at home

our friend beth moved back home to florida over the summer. she was a in town a couple of weeks ago, and it provided the perfect occasion to get everyone together. last time we all got together, we all met at a restaurant. it was loud and chaotic and difficult to visit with everyone. this time nettie invited us all to her house. that was the best idea. we all brought parts of the meal. it was so much easier to catch up with everyone, and no one felt pressured to hurry and leave. 

next time you want to get together with friends, i highly suggest considering dinner at home.


  1. What a fun idea! I'm excited to move into our home so we have more than 400 sq feet to entertain in :)

  2. I love having friends over for dinner! And now that we have more space, a bigger table, and I've unpacked the fancy dishes, I plan on doing it more often!! :)

  3. So fun! I bet you enjoyed seeing Beth! Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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