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Thursday, October 16, 2014

goodbye summer...hello fall

this is a throwback post from a few years ago. i've been waiting for fall to actually arrive, but i don't know if it's really going to. the leaves are changing and falling (especially all over my yard) so even though it's still nearly 80 degrees in the afternoon, this is utah fall.

Good-bye flip-flops...goodbye dirty feet...hello boots.
Good-bye BBQ dinners...hello baked pies and turkeys roasting in the oven.
Good-bye lawn mowing...hello raking leaves.
Good-bye bathing suits...hello cozy sweaters and that favorite pair of jeans...
Good-bye roasted marshmallows...hello candy apples...
Good-bye camping and summer festivals...hello scrapbooking, reading good books, and Christmas shopping!
Good-bye barefeet...hello warm socks and slippers.
Good-bye cool showers...hello bubble baths.
Good-bye air conditioners...hello crackling fireplaces.
Good-bye heat...hello crisp, fresh air.
Good-bye fresh-picked strawberries...hello crunchy, juicy apples.
Good-bye bug bites...hello dry skin.
Good-bye sunscreen...hello moisturizer.
Good-bye long days outside...hello early bedtimes!
Good-bye watering flowers...hello fall decorating.
Good-bye otter pops...hello pumpkin shakes and peppermint ice cream
Good-bye picnics...hello slow-cooking.
Good-bye lazy days of summer...hello cozy nights.
Good-bye pool days and biking and tennis and...

I love summer and always get depressed when fall starts coming because I know it inevitably means winter and snow. This post got me a little excited for fall, and I am ready for a seasonal wardrobe change. Bring on the long sleeve tees and jeans. Hello Fall...

what are your favorite things about fall?


  1. Fall here in Georgia is a bit funky. Today it's in the fifties, but in a few days it could be eighties again. My favorite thing about fall is FOOTBALL! I can't wait to bust out my crockpot and get some chili going this Saturday!

  2. Look at you, embracing fall!! Good job ;)

  3. I love fall!! Here in Ohio we have the PERFECT falls!!

  4. Fall and Spring are for sure my favorites. Even in Dallas where Fall really isn't spectacular and we still have 90+ days.

  5. I love all of those things so so much. :) I LOVE Fall too. Fall running is the best in Fall too. :)


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