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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5 little confession... random edition


we're back for another round of 5 little confessions. this is one of my fave posts each month. i can't wait to see what everyone confesses.

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i didn't vote yesterday. i know. it's terrible. i totally 100% believe it is my civic duty to vote, and i also believe it is really important to be educated about it. i didn't make the time to do my research so i didn't feel informed enough.

i'm double overdue for an oil change in my car. that means i have driven over 7000 miles since my last oil change. oops. i actually tried to take it in last week, but they didn't have enoguh
i'm leaving town tomorrow for 10 days. i haven't packed a single thing yet. i know i need swimsuits. lots of swimsuits, but that's about all i know.

i cleaned out my closet a little last week and found 7 pair of running/gym shoes. i usually like to keep 3-4 tops. i got rid of several, but the whole thing made me feel like a hoarder.

i ate chips and salsa and some turkey pepperoni for dinner last night. why? because i can. also i really have no food in my house.

my fave parts of this post is seeing all the confessions so link up.



  1. I didn't vote either. In fact my first confession was going to be almost word for word what you wrote. I wasnt informed enough. And I feel awful about it.

  2. I could totally eat chips and salsa for dinner. And, I am so jealous about your vacation! I actually have a ton of swimsuits, because I've kept all of mine over the years... altho, a few of them I probably wouldn't want to be seen in anymore and I blame that on having kids! Ha! I only keep 2 pairs of running shoes... one for my everyday and one for running... my husband changes my oil for me, otherwise I am sure I'd be as behind as you are on it!!

  3. Love these confessions! So fun! I agree with your #1 whole heartedly! Your dinners sound like ares. We have no good. Gotta remedy that this weekend. Where are you headed to?!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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