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Friday, November 14, 2014

for the little tykes...homemade crayons

ever since i saw homemade pineapple crayons on instagram, i just had to make them. i saw the link to the post about how to make them and promptly ordered a mold on amazon. when it says it might take 3-4 weeks for something to ship from china, they really aren't kidding. it took forever to come. 
the directions in this tutorial were really simple. unwrapping all the crayons was the most time consuming part of the whole thing but so worth it. 
i love how cute they are. it makes me want to buy more ice cube molds and make more things.


  1. For the little tykes?? I'm going to totally make these for myself ;)

  2. We did those with hearts. So fun. The boys loved sitting in front of the oven watching the crayons melt through the window.

  3. Those look so cute! Too bad Rhys is too young for that stuff.

  4. Soooo cute!! I bet you could use the molds from IKEA. Cute shapes and way faster than 3-4 weeks! Haha! I might have to try this with Olivia.


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