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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

hawaii...the best part

a couple of weeks ago i spent a glorious week in hawaii with 7 other girls. 8 girls in one condo felt a litttle like we were living in mtv's the real world. we all got along really well and had a great time.

 everyone keeps asking me what my favorite thing was.

we stayed at the mariott lagoons, and i loved it. the pool was really nice and practically out our back door. i love being near the beach, but i really like the pool better. i spent a lot of time laying by the pool. we did some fun things, but my favorite part of the trip was all the time at the pool.

sometimes i wish i was more adventurous, but i just am not. are you adventurous or do you like to lay by the pool for hours like me?


  1. I'm a pool lounger. The few cruises I've been on I just spend the entire day laying by the pool and then getting in the pool when it gets too hot. It is paradise for me!


    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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