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Thursday, November 6, 2014

iphone pics are great but...

i've always loved taking pictures. back in the day before cell phone cameras actually took decent pictures, i carried a small point and shoot camera everywhere. phone cameras got better so i stopped using a camera for a while until i decided to buy a DSLR a few years ago. i promised myself if i spent the money on a nicer camera, i had to use it. i'm happy to report i'm pretty good at using it.
there's just an itty bitty problem. my camera came with a nice, protective, bulky case. basically i'm not taking that thing with me anywhere especially on a plane. i usually put my camera in a cosmetic bag, throw it in my purse, and hope for the best. so far, so good, but i definitely have been looking for something a little more protective. i need a camera bag or something that will protect my camera without adding a lot of bulk/weight. enter

-simple, easy, and smart. your camera is protected whether its around your neck, in your purse, or stuffed into your carry on bag (which mine will be today)

-carefully handmade by women in the USA.

-fitted, padded, waterproof design. (Patented May 2014.)

-come in 5 different sizes (along with matching straps.)

-packaged and shipped by adults with disabilities.

i tested out my camera coat for the first time last week, and my camera fits inside perfectly.

it stays attached to my camera
 and there are even pockets for my phone, lens cap, etc.
photo credit bonnie

this thing is genius. i'm leaving town today for the next 10 days, and i'm pretty sure this thing is going to be great for travel. no more being worried about my camera in whatever bag i throw it in. since it's weatherproof/waterproof i won't be nervous about taking my camera to the beach with me.

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***i received this product complimentary from camera coats. all opinions are my own.***

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