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Friday, November 28, 2014

foodie friday...pre run food

one of my biggest struggles with running isn't the actual running. it's the fuel/eating. when you're out for more than an hour and a half, fuel becomes an issue. in the past i grabbed a banana or whatever i had on my way out the door before starting a long run.
i worked with a sports nutritionist a while ago to try to figure out the best way to fuel my body before and during long runs and races. he helped me realize i didn't eat nearly enough before i started. basically i started out depleted so no wonder i never felt like i had enough energy.
through a little trial and error, i finally figured out what works for me...
baby food squeeze packet with 80-100 calories
meal replacement/pre-workout shake
starting out a long run/race with adequate fuel intake makes a big difference in my performance and energy level.

do you eat before you workout? 



  1. Oh man the timing on this is perfect. Ha! I didn't eat at all before my race yesterday. I made Axel a breakfast sandwich so I licked the peanut butter and honey off his knife. That's it. I don't usually eat until 10 am (and we were home by 9:30) so I didn't really feel it, and it was only a 5k but probably would have been easier if I had eaten first. Baby food pouches are such a great idea for running food!

  2. I never thought of using a baby food squeeze packet!! So, I guess this all works in place of gels??


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