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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

beauty time tuesday...winter skincare

***i received complimentary products to test

it's been cold here in utah for a few weeks now. the nice warm fall is definitely over, and winter is here. i really hate winter! there are a lot of things i hate about winter, but i am trying to complain less this year.

besides driving in the snow, i hate what the bitter cold does to my skin. my skin is terrible in the winter. i use so much lotion and have tried basically every kind of cream, lotion, ointment, etc. there is. things work for a short time and some don't work well. i am always looking for a new product to try.

i found out about cheryl lee md at the perfect time. they have various kits-eczema, rejuvenation, dry cracked hands, lips, baby bottom cream, and other kits as well as individual products. they use true lipids technology to address the 5 main skin problems-deficient lipid production, abnormal pH, inflammation, infection, and chemical sensitivities and allergies.
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i've been using cheryl lee md for about a month, and i'm already noticing a difference. my skin is much less dry and irritated. check it out and let me know what you think.

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