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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

blogging the bach 14.11..finale and after the final rose

Tonight is the finale..finally. I have really liked this season, but at this point I am ready for it to be over.

who's watching-Alicia, Amanda, Celsey, Krista and Parker

meet the fam #1-Garrett opens up to her family. The tears are pretty adorable. We see a little more from Garrett than we have seen in the past. Everyone loves him.

meet the fam #2-Blake shows up and everyone loves him too. She tears up talking to her sister. Her family asks him what will happen if he isn't the one and it freaks him out. He feels like there's  something different with Becca and convinces himself she is picking Garrett.

Becca talks to all of her family and then her mom. She is really torn about what to do.

final date #1-Garrett gets the boat date. They start out talking about his visit with her family and got distracted by the dolphins. They get out and swim at the equator. This is my favorite day of Garrett. He finally came out of his shell and showed us what Becca has probably seen the whole time. He tells Becca he wants to take care of her and loves her so much. They talk about her dad. She cries a little. He cries a little. I've been team Blake this whole time, but suddenly I really likes Garrett.

final date #2-Blake got his emotions in check over the last 36 hours and is ready to focus on them. They ride bikes and go swimming. Blake challenges Becca and himself to be in the moment and not in their own heads. They have a really good day. She goes to his place. He gives her a time capsule. He is so in love and is ready for tomorrow.

Both guys wake up ready to get engaged. They meet with Neil Lane and have the most amazing rings to choose from. It's proposal time. They show both guys riding up in their boats, and then Blake gets out first. We all know what that means. He says what he wants to say and thankfully Becca does not let him propose. He is understandably so confused. Watching Blake process this all and cry and cry and cry is the saddest thing ever. Chris H talks to Blake right after he watched it back for the first time. Becca comes out to talk to Blake (before the show actually ends-is that normal?) Blake is very mature and says he wants Becca to be happy, and he isn't afraid to fall in love again. 

We watched all of Blake and then took a break for some final baby shower prep for Lacey. I was so sad watching Blake that I'm having a hard time shifting my emotions for Garrett. As soon as he started talking I was really happy for them. They get engaged and live happily ever after and get a mini van as a gift from Chris H.

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  1. I think I missed the whole social media thing that Garrett and Becca apologized for profusely on the show. Do you know what it was?? I'm a big fan of Garrett and I'm so glad she picked him!!!

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