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Monday, August 27, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.6

who's watching-Celsey, Alicia, Megan, and me-The boys are upstairs with the kids playing Shawn's new VR video games. It's kind of perfect. I take back what I said. About 20 minutes in, the boys brought all the kids back down and acted like their lives were over.

After a recap of last week, Jordan sees Jenna making out with Benoit and is not happy. Jordan's self destruction is pretty entertaining. Krystal and Chris are kind of a lot, and then in walks Connor. Krystal seems intrigued. She's been wanting to meet Connor since way before paradise. They talk. He wants to take her on the date. She says she would probably think about Chris the whole time so she probably shouldn't go. Krystal talks to Chris. Chris tells his buddies he's all in with Krystal right as she is telling Connor she will go with him. Am I the only one having a hard time following this storyline?!

Krystal and Connor go on their date and things don't seem as transparent as she said. She is definitely not thinking about Chris. Back at the house Jordan is sick of Benoit. He talks to Jenna. They makeout. She is supposed to talk to Benoit. She makes out with him instead. Jordan has a chat with Benoit. Things are about to get out of control. Kenny tells Annaliese he has to go because he can't miss his daughter's dance recital-so tender, but why did he come? She really just needs to go find David. Krystal and Connor come back from their date. She tells Chris they should talk tomorrow.

Jubilee leaves. Annaliese is a crying mess. Kamil walks in, and she is suddenly not crying anymore. He talks to a few girls and decides to take Annaliese. She seems to be over her fear of demolition driving from Arie's season. She thinks they are now one of the strongest couples on the show.

Kevin feels like Astrid needs to go on dates with other guys to appreciate him more. She is so confused and so are we. They talk more and seem to have it worked out, but they are both crying.a lot. Jordan and Jenna talk again. She tells Benoit she is moving on back to Jordan.

Kendall is trying to figure out what to do. Kevin tells her Leo kissed Chelsea. Kendall confronts Leo. He is obsessed with trying to figure out who told. Kevin admits it was him, and Leo is still mad and heated. Kendall tries to have a reasonable conversation with him, and he is not nice. The show ends, and tomorrow looks so good. 

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