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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

blogging the paradise 5.5

I love bachelor shows basically as much as anyone, but 2 nights each week is kind of a lot. 
Who's watching: Celsey, Shawn, and I have been watching Tuesday nights

Everyone is still out of sorts from Jordan's freak out last night. Jenna is over him and doesn't want to see or talk to anyone. Kendall and Joe talk about how well things are going, and then in walks Leo. We have seen the previews of Leo and Kendall and I'm already sad. Leo comes in and talks to lots of girls trying to figure out who to take on his date. He picks Kendall-the only one of the bunch coupled up. 

Their date starts and some former bach people act out the worst romance drama ever. We are so confused as to what is even happening. Kendall and Joe finish out the photo shoot for Jorge's romance novel and have a major makeout and kiss and kiss and kiss some more while Joe is back at the place moping around.They get back. Kendall is really happy. Joe is really sad. Leo wants to get caught in the rain with Chelsea. Jordan is actually pretty normal tonight.

Colton gets a date card and obviously takes Tia. Raven and Adam show up on the date. Colton is apparently really good at musical chairs. Tia is so happy with Colton until Raven expresses all of her concerns. Tia talks to Colton. He calls her his girlfriend, and they make it official.

Benoit comes and Kevin tells him most everyone is open. He talks to Krystal who is basically dressed like aunt jemaima and Jenna who is ready to ditch Jordan. Jenna and Benoit go on a date. We're not really into their date. They get back and Jordan is waiting for them with the biggest I'm sorry ever in the sand. They go talk while Benoit looks out at them. This is the most normal we have ever seen Jordan in his whole life. 

The previews legit look crazy.

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