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Monday, August 13, 2018

blogging the paradise 4.2

Celsey and I tried to watch week 1 last week, but we had some DVR issues. We ended up catching up on our own and chatting on marco polo while we both watched. 

who's watching-Alicia, Amanda, me (We're at Alicia's tonight with a small crowd). We started watching and realized we missed the first 15 minutes. I checked in with Candace, and she said we mostly missed the goose gang attack on Colton.

We started watching. Kenny and Krystal were on a date. They tried to make it seem so spontaneous, but it was obviously so planned. They had fun on their date, and it seems like Krystal doesn't even remember about Kevin.

Jordan sets up a date on the beach with Annaliese. She wants to be engaged at the end of this, and doesn't want to hear what David has to say about Jordan. Jordan says he is keeping her here even though the girls have the roses this week.

It's time for the pre rose ceremony. Nick tries again with Chelsea. He is either high, drunk, or dumb as rocks. She isn't buying it, and I have no idea who is getting her rose. Kendall spends time with (they are so cute together) and then John (where did that come from?). Tia talks to Colton. He can't commit so Chris moves in attempting to swoop in and get her rose.

Rose ceremony-It's the first rose ceremony and the girls have the roses.
Did Wills really  get sent home? He was such a hot topic on the bachelorette. I don't know if I ever saw him talking to a girl the whole time he was there. Bibiana pulls one out of left field and keeps Colton.

Chris H comes in and says there is a surprise..and then we see Becca walk down the stairs. What is the point of this? Colton is not loving this. I kind of feel bad for the dude. Bringing Becca on is just sad. Colton is clearly over Becca, and bringing her back does nothing to help that. This isn't good tv. This is just sad. Being there with Tia isn't helpful either. He obviously isn't interested or ready for a relationship with her. The episode ends right as Becca is about to talk to Colton...

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