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Monday, August 20, 2018

Blogging the paradise 5.4

It's episode 4, and I just realized it is season 5 not 4. Oopsie! We spent a lot of time over the weekend analyzing paradise so I am so excited to watch.
who's watching-Celsey and Shawn, Amanda, Alicia

This week starts with Tia confronting Chris about his skeeziness. He is full of excuses and Tia isn't buying any of it. Krystal comes up and things are the most awkward ever. Tia is not longer interested in Chris to which he says he is no longer interested either. Krystal think the path is clear for her until he says he needs a drink instead of spending time with her.  Things are a mess and Chris is at the center of it.

In the middle of all the mess, Tia thinks she still has feelings for Colton. She wants to let him know how she feels and probably would but Jaqueline comes in. She is kind of ready to ask Colton, but he isn't really ready/open to focus on her. Tia and Colton talk, and nothing is resolved. Colton isn't sure if he should stay. Tia wants him to stay but doesn't know how to tell him. What if she says "hey Colton I really want us to both be here tomorrow"??

Annaliese is still trying desperately to find someone. For a hot minute she thinks it might be Kenny, but he and Jaqueline kind of hit it off on their date. They come back and Annaliese pounces on Kenny. He is hot so he takes his shirt off. She rambles on and on. She really just needs to go find Chicken until they start kissing. 

Everyone is trying to figure out how to get a rose. All the couples are coupled up and everyone else is doing who knows what. Bibiana isn't really making any connections with anyone so she's match making for Colton and Tia, and she makes a great point. Colton figures his crap out and chooses Tia. As annoyed as I have been with both of them, I am so happy. They are actually pretty cute. 

It's the 11th hour, and these girls have to work it with these dudes. Jordan is in true form with the craziest of of crazy outfits. John is a hot commodity. Kenny is the player of the day. Who even knows who is getting his rose?! Annaliese still needs to go find David except he is too busy giving Jenna a giant dog for her birthday present. Jordan is not impressed and throws it into the ocean. Jordan is losing his mind. He starts out pretty funny and quickly escalates. Jordan (in a robotic voice) apologizes for being awful. 

Rose ceremony
Jordan-Jenna accepts the rose
Kenny-Annaliese We are so surprised. I am sad Bibiana is leaving.

My overall thoughts for tonight..Tia and Colton are really cute, and I am so happy they are together. Joe and Kendall are the cutest, and I'm kind of mad at the previews. Jordan has lost his mind. David is a dweeb, and we're all sad Bibiana is leaving.

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