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Friday, September 20, 2013

26.2...big cottonwood

after having hip surgery, i wasn't sure if i would ever run another marathon again. i had a little setback last winter, but after swimming for a couple of weeks i was back to running. i signed up for the big cottonwood marathon and somehow convinced robyn to come out from tennessee to run it too. my training went pretty well, and i was really excited for the downhill. if you follow me on instagram, you have already seen several of these pictures.

robyn and joe flew in friday morning. we met up for the expo and packet picket and went to dinner.

robyn and met to ride the bus to the start line. i also ran into tina (we didn't get a picture). one of the bus drivers took the super sharp turn too wide and got stuck. usually stuff like that would freak me out/make me panic, but we all laughed. the race started about a half hour late. i was happy for less waiting time at the beginning.

since i linked my facebook page to the race, the official pictures were posted. i never ever buy the pictures, but it's fun to have them this time. the weather was really questionable so i ended up wearing a jacket. the weather was really nice so it was tied around my waist most of the time. 

this marathon was so HARD! i don't know if i just forgot from the other times. but i think this one actually was really harder. the course was so beautiful, but even the beauty didn't distract from the difficulty. i had a few friends running, but i actually didn't run with any of them. i met several people along the way which saved me. there were several times when i really needed someone to talk to. this marathon definitely pushed me harder than anything i can remember. the downhill was awesome but also really hard.

i was so happy/emotional to see the finish line

finally done
i really wanted to stop and take pictures along the way but didn't want to take the time. i saw this on instagram and decided it was a good representation of what it actually looked like.

i'm really happy i did the marathon. i felt a major accomplishment as i finished. i was so sore for several days, bu i finally feel like a normal person again. the thought of running another marathon seems crazy, but i am probably crazy enough to do it. we'll see what happens in the next few months.


  1. Congrats on this HUGE accomplishment. I wish we would have ran into you while cheering for Tina.

    I say forget doing another marathon...and check this out:

    This is the kind of race I'd be into...too bad I"m prego.

  2. Go you go! I'm super impressed! I'm lucky if I can run for two minutes right now.

  3. Congrats!!! This sounds like a really scenic marathon. So proud of you!!

  4. My dad is a marathon runner and I'm a runner, but I don't think I will EVER do a marathon...So, way to go!!!
    Our Fairy Tale


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