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Friday, September 27, 2013

unblogged bloggables: crafts

i haven't had any time for crafting lately which makes me really sad, BUT i am going to a craft night tonight which makes me really happy. i love craft projects and really need to find the time to do more. i did a few projects over the summer that never got blogged.

cupcake stands are my current favorite bridal shower gift. they are so cute and easy to make with a little E6000 or goop glue.

i gave away one of these as part of a giveaway and made a few extras. can't wait to pull this out again. 

more frames from another giveaway

i made this baby skirt with kimberly for a baby gift. too bad the baby was too big,  it is much easier than it seems. although i still need to make a bigger or different one.

i can't wait for more halloweeny crafts maybe this weekend.

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  1. Oh man, Halloween crafts!! By the time I move in and get set up it will probably be too late. I'll have to focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do you want to come sew next week on Tues, Wed or Thurs?


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