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Thursday, September 5, 2013

say my name say my name

a long long while ago, amber and a few others hosted a one day link up about blog names. i was traveling and couldn't post that day, but i thought it was a good topic. i've been saving the idea in my drafts ever since.

for the longest time my blog name was just my name...BORING! i thought forever and ever about what i wanted my blog name to be. i always talk about wanting to be a stay at home someday and the title was born. my tag line is working girl dreaming of someday being a stay at home something.

i love my life. i really really do, but i definitely would change a few things if i could. i'm sure most people feel that way. somedays i think maybe one day i will change the name to someday is here, but i think i will always look forward to the future.

what's your blog name? how did you come up with it?

did you go enter kimberly's giveaway yet? you really should.

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