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Monday, September 9, 2013

Blog Design and Other Blog Biz

i have no idea how this happened, but this post never went up. i scheduled this to post in the middle of my move, but something bad happened in computer space. although it isn't all as current, i still want this post to go up.

things are straight up CRAZY around here. moving has completely taken over my life this week. i made myself keep my schedule open after work to pack and pack and pack, and pack i have done. there are boxes everywhere. speaking of everywhere...i'm here, there, and everywhere right now. head over to a complete waste of makeup to read my tricks for infrequent hair washing. (this guest post was several weeks ago, but it's still a good one.)

I love comments, and I try to respond. I prefer to respond with an email, but if your email address isn't connected to your account, the response gets lost in computer space. Check out my so-called chaos for a great post on adding your email. Scroll down to "enable your email" and voila you are no longer a no-reply blogger. If you commented on my blog and didn't get a response, it is probably because you are a no-reply blogger.

a post about my blog design is long overdue. i worked with the fabulous kate on my blog design. she was so easy to work with, and i love everything she designs. she was seriously so sweet. i can't say enough good things. if you need some blog design, go check out her design site white rabbit designs. you won't be sorry.

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