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Friday, November 8, 2013

fall 30x30...days 1-6

30 pieces of clothing for 30 days with no repeat outfits is well underway. i can't believe we are already a week in. some of the little sneaksters started early and are even more than a week in. everytime i do this challenge, i remember what i like about it (so much easier to decide what to wear/less laundry/connecting with other bloggers) and what i don't like about it (taking pictures of myself daily). mostly i really like it. here we go with days 1-6

day cardi~gap outlet t~kohls red skinnies
this street was so pretty, but the shadows are terrible. 

day outlet cardi~target v neck~gap outlet skinnies
i just finished a brutal half marathon and got to spend the rest of the weekend in warm, sunny southern utah

day outlet cardi again (i packed much lighter than i normally would. also i only wore this for church)~old navy shirt~walmart bella bird skirt
i would never have thought to put navy with this skirt. thank you 30x30 for helping me branch out with my clothes.

day boyfriend cardi (my fave)~gap outlet dress
i bought this dress at the end of summer but figured i could easily carry it into fall. this is my favorite outfit of this week. i must have caught my leg on a chair at work because by the end of the day i had a small hole in my leggings on the back of my leg.

day 5...urban outfitters cardi~old navy chambray~target leggings
you might notice the leggings are different from my reveal post. i put those on, rushed out the door to work, discovered they had a hole (what's with holes in my leggings this week), and made an emergency trip to target. so i already had to swap out an item and broke the no shopping rule. day 5 wasn't the best, but i am happy with the new leggings.

day bella bird cardi~gap striped t~kohls black skinnies

this wasn't one of my outfits this week although the jacket is one of my 30 pieces. did you catch #whatguineverewore this week? find a toddler, copy and outfit, write a post, link up. fun right?!?

in case you missed the first post...
30 pieces reveal
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  1. Love days 4 and 5. Actually I love all your looks. I have such an aversion to color and print (apparently) maybe that's why your wardrobe appeals to me, totally the opposite!

  2. I love everything you put together! Especially those new "rule breaking" leggings! I've been contemplating buying them for a while and I think I may after this challenge is over!

  3. I love love love day 5. Those leggings are so cute! Did you see the polka dot ones? I want them sooooooooo bad.

  4. Day 1 and Day 4 are my favorites! Love your style!

  5. I love ALL of these!! I really love your red skinnies in day 1, I have been seeing a lot of red skinnies lately and I want a pair, esp with Christmas coming up! I love day 3, too, I really want that skirt!! Cute outfits!

  6. Love the new leggings. And your day 4 outfit rocks!

  7. I hate finding holes... Or pen stains in my case on clothing after work!! Love all the cardigans!! Great job!!

  8. Loving day 2!!! =) That really sucks about the leggings but you didn't really cheat, you just replaced!!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers

  9. I'm in love with those leggings!! ahhh need to get a pair of those soon before it really gets cold here! I love your outfits. So many fashion bloggers post pics in designer clothes-Come on now! Were regular women!!!


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