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Monday, November 4, 2013


Halloween was a little more low key this year than some. 
We had dinner group the week of Halloween this time. Without deciding ahead of time we all made halloweeny food-skeleton and pumpkin vegetable trays, pumpkin/squash muffins, dinner in a pumpkin, and candy corn cookies and pumpkin filled pastries. 

I didn't go to any parties this year so I didn't spend much time on a costume. Since Halloween was on a day I teach playgroup classes, the teachers dresses up as the 3 little pigs. We kept the costumes pretty simple, and I was pretty happy we made them without spending any money. My co-workers are good to go along with my silly ideas. 
co-worker Michelle dressed up as a mouse
Seeing the kids in their costumes was definitely my favorite part. 


  1. What a cute and easy costume idea! Seeing kids in their costumes is my favorite part too. I was able to stay for my sons little Halloween parade around his preschool and it made me so happy.

  2. Such a festive dinner party! Love it!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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