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Thursday, November 21, 2013

throwback thursday

my sister and brother in law had their 8th wedding anniversary on tuesday. i dug up their wedding cd, and the pictures are pretty awesome. it's crazy how much things change in 8 years. some of these are too good not to share, and since i started blogging after the fact, a throwback is definitely in order. enjoy!

 feel free to discuss my dress and how i spent the night before trying to decide if i should stuff my bra. i'm pretty sure one of the other girls did. my hair is also up for discussion.

 some things never change. if you don't have this picture from your wedding, well how did that happen?!?



  1. I don't have a hand picture. I got a manicure and everything and then my photographer didn't take one, and I forgot to ask. I'm probably the only married person in the world with out one.

  2. It is crazy how much stuff changes! I wish I liked my hair:( I wonder what we will think about these pictures after it has been 20 years:)

  3. Which temple is that? I don't recognize it...
    New follower - Whit from Raspy Wit

  4. Never took a hand picture or any cheesy ring picture at all. Whether I regret that or not, I'm not saying.


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