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Thursday, November 14, 2013

fall 30x30...days 7-12

i never thought i would say this, but i am actually getting a little bit used to taking pictures of myself every day. i still don't like it, but i feel a teeny tiny bit less weird about it.
this week i realized i should probably have been a little bit more careful with my picks. for example, i didn't pick very good options for 4 weeks of church. i also didn't pick enough long tops to wear with leggings. even with those realizations, i seem to be doing ok.

day 7...h&m striped t, kohls red skinnies, target scarf (that is really blue), toms ballet flats
 day boyfriend cardi, target v neck, big star jeans, h&m scarf, toms ballet flats
 day 9...the weather was really nice so i threw on target flip flops during the day.  i changed to frye boots with target boot socks for the favorite things party
tj maxx top, target leggings

 day 10...i had a meeting at the salt lake temple in the morning which provided the perfect setting for pictures
gap cardi, target stripe t (re-purposed from a turtleneck), infinity scarf (made by me), toms wedges
 day camo jacket, target v, gap skinnies, classic toms
after a super busy weekend, i decided i needed a sick day. after attempting to sleep off a raging headache it was nice to have a more casual look for running a few errands.
 day 12...bella bird cardi (this photographs so weird. the color is a pretty emerald green), old navy top, other gap skinnies, toms ballet flats

i guess i really liked toms this week.

make sure to check out what the other bloggers wore this week and wish me luck getting dressed this week.



  1. This week has FLOWN by! I nearly forgot about the posting today. Thank goodness I had it done ahead of time. Loving your Tom's wedges and the pics in front of the temple! Can't go wrong with scarves to play up the outfits a little! Loving what you are doing with your pick's =)

  2. I am on the look out for red skinnies now, I just got a houndstooth blouse from Stitch Fix and I think it'd look perfect with them. Love yours in Day 7. Also, I know I told you this already, but I love your Target leggings, I almost snagged a pair, but was afraid I'd have a hard time figuring out to wear with them. Day 10 is just gorgeous, love those photos and such a cute dressy outfit!

  3. Ok, I really love your 30x30, and I've felt like with cardigans and scarves, I can create so many outfits with just a few pieces. Can you tell me more about how this works?! Like do you count jewlery, scarves, shoes, etc. Tell me!!!! I may want to participate! I feel like you have so many cute outfits when you do this and I never think you're wearing the same thing twice! Teach me your ways Aubrey!!!!!

  4. Day 9! That sweater is so cute with those leggings. And day 10s outfit is super flattering. Your legs look so hot when you wear heels.

  5. I love those red skinnys! I'm a huge fan of colored jeans (as you've probably could tell). I also love those pictures of you at the SL temple, it's so beautiful.

  6. I still feel uncomfortable doing full body shots of myself too sometimes. But your outfits look adorable so you work it girl. Also, I don't know why I'm JUST following you. I met you forever ago and I'm just so crazy busy, but I'm here now! muhahaha!

  7. I think day 8 is my favorite. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  8. Omg! I am obsessed with those sweater leggings!! I tried some at Target and they were a total fail - I swear, the rise was like 2". Who wants booty exposing low rise sweater leggings?? LOL! They are SUPER cute on you!!

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