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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

what would you do...2.0

kimberly and i are back for another round of 

i've been so excited about this month's theme...
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with $20 at Target?
we all love Target right?!? spending $20 seems to happen without even knowing it. the challenge this time was to spend $20 on purpose and try to get the most with that $20.

I love the boyfriend cardigan. It is $19.99 but often is on sale. My plan was to buy a new cardi because you really can't have too many and a neon baby lips because you really can't have too many of those either. I checked everytime I went, and it was finally on sale for $15.
This isn't the boyfriend cardi. I saw this burnt orange sweater for the same price and bought it instead (which I later exchanged for a boyfriend cardi) along with the neon baby lips, a neon sharpie on clearance, and an envelope to mail a package to my niece and nephews. 
we had a friendly competition to see who could get closest to $20 without going over. i have the red card (automatic 5% off) so that helped a little. 
i obviously went over just a a tiny bit, but I'm pretty happy with how close I got to $20. 
WHAT WOULD YOU DO with $20 at Target? 
can't wait to see what kimberly did with her $20.
speaking of Target, have you entered the warm the holidays giveaway yet?

if you want to join us for next month...
WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with a box of candy canes?

did you catch WWYD 1.0



  1. This is such a neat idea... gosh, I am sure I would go over, too! I know I get $10 freebie coupons from JCP sometimes and I want to buy something for $10, but not go over much and I am always in the store for an hour trying to figure out what I want. LOL. :)

  2. I really need the Red Card. I keep forgetting to sign up and they only ask when I'm in the biggest hurry ever (naturally!)

    I keep wanting one of their cardigans too! There is too much! I want all of the things.

  3. Oh, but the Red Card is SO helpful!!! I love mine. do you you use the Cartwheel app on your phone? Get that! You save 5-25% on other things with the mobile coupon type thing. You add them to your thing, they scan one barcode, and bam. I have saved anywhere from $1 to $10 in a shopping trip with that. It's a lot of up&up, market pantry, mossimo, etc. (the Target brands) stuff, and I usually find 80% of my shopping list on there in coupons. It's genius!

  4. Oh my goodness what fun! I would probably buy a cardi too. Such a great way to make my summer clothes last into fall/winter here. Next month sounds interesting.


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