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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

fall 30x30...days 13-18

i can't believe fall 30x30 is more than halfway over. each time i do this challenge it gets a little easier. it definitely isn't as stressful as i once thought it might be. i realize over and over again that i have way too many clothes, and i like the challenge of remixing what i have. onto the outfits...

day boyfriend cardi (the one i switched from wwyd with $20 at target), old navy top, kohls skinnies, ancient red flats

day boyfriend cardi, target dress, urban outfitters scarf, charlotte russe tights, bare traps boots

day maxx top (in basically the same color as day 8), kohls black skinnies, target black ballet flats

day 16...urban outfitters sweater, old navy chambray shirt, gap skinnies, Ugg boots

day boyfriend cardi, old navy chambray (yes i wore it 2 days in a row. i'm blaming the challenge), target dress, h&m tights, bare traps boots

day outlet camo jacket, h&m stripe shirt, gap skinnies, target gold ballet flats

in case you missed the first part of the challenge
days 1-630 pieces reveal

go check out what the others are wearing.



  1. I'm still obsessed with your red skinnies. They are on my Christmas list :)

  2. I really love Day 13 where you have the blue polka dotted shirt with the red skinnies, those colors are so pretty together. Day 14 it looks like you have some fun tights on! I love colored and fun tights right now. And, I need to try what you did in Day 17 with the belt around the chambray shirt with cardi. I have been wanting to wear my chambray so much in this challenge that I have been tempted to wear it two days in a row. ha!

  3. I love your day 14 outfit, that scarf is super cute!!!

  4. Day 16-18 are my faves!! I like the colored tights...i just bought some army green and can't seem to find the right way to wear them yet :) good job


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