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Monday, April 28, 2014

spring 30x30...days 19-24

usually by the time this weeks comes in 30x30, it's getting a little harder to come up with outfits. since i didn't pick 30 pieces this time, it is a little easier. i am going to be excited to wear something other than blue once april is over.
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day 19...i met up with a few girls for major blog talk. we failed at taking pictures, but i did have amberly take my outfit picture. her dog tried to sneak in also.
gap cardi, target v, gap boyfriend jeans, jessica simpson wedges
i see a lot of boyfriend jeans and natually thought i had to have some when gap outlet sold them for less than $20. i don't know that i love them. the fit is really weird.
huge shout out to mint arrow for posting about the jessica simpson shoes.

day 20...easter sunday
nordstrom cardi, banana republic top, walmart bella bird skirt, toms wedges
day 21
target boyfriend cardi, target boyfriend cardi, forever 21 leggings, target sandals
 day to St. Louis all day
target boyfriend cardi. target V, gap skinnies, target sandals
 day 23...started the day with mom at the temple and then met curly crafty mom for lunch. so fun to finally meet in real life. 
shade cardi, target cardi, walmart skirt, ross shoes
 day day in st. louis
gap cardi, old navy top, gap boyfriend jeans, jessica simpson wedges

meeting carrie in real life was definitely the major highlight of the week.


  1. Loved meeting you! I love your last day, the yellow cardi over the blue is so pretty! I tried some boyfriend jeans on at Gap Outlet, too and I hated them (which means I didn't buy them!). Day 23 you were super cute too when we met up!

  2. I looked at your picture before I could finish reading your comments. I never would have guessed that you didn't like those pants because they are SO flattering on you. And again on day 24. So cute!!


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