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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

april fool's day

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! 
April Fool's Day can be one of those tricky days where you wonder if you can believe anything anyone says. I'm sure you've already seen numerous pregnancy announcement on Facebook, pranks husbands and wives play on each other, and occasional April Fool's Day pranks teacher play on their students. That last one has happened to me a time or two, and then I remember times where I wished my teacher were just pulling our leg about a certain assignment. I love pranks pretty much every day of the year, but so far I haven't come up with anything good for today.
Either way, I am here to bring you a giveaway that is extremely real and not a prank in the least. I have some fabulous blogger friends that want to give you something to believe on this day of fooling. 
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The Bradleys △ And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson △ Love, The Skinnys △ Friday We're In Love △ Taush.O

Good luck to you all!


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