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Friday, April 25, 2014

spring run

tomorrow is race day! i can't believe the nashville marathon is finally here. ever since robyn moved to nashville, we have been talking about running the marathon, and now we are finally doing it. i'm equal parts excited and scared...or more like mostly scared.
i did my last long run last saturday. it was the most beautiful spring day. the planned run included running near the course for the salt lake marathon. we ended up taking a few detours including running the the university of utah campus (complete with fun college stories) and actually running on the marathon route in the opposite direction. 

we met the cutest girl on the way to the car. she was so excited to show her medal.
we ran into our friends sharon and diana along the way. 
we ended the run dowtown and enjoyed the amazing spring flowers. 

it was the perfect final long run before the marathon. seeing all the marathon runners got me excited (and definitely scared). can't believe the race is tomorrow!


  1. GO AUBREY! Can't wait to hear how it goes. I can't believe you are almost in my neighborhood, only about five hours away. ;)


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