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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

blogging the paradise week 2

who's watching: celsey and me (we went to the parade of homes on monday so we did a big sesh on tuesday)
i'm changing the format for this season.

the cheesy intro-so hilarious, so bad

i never got around to catching up on last week so this is my first intro to everyone.
-lace got some extensions
-evan is the grossest human
-i'm a little sad that sarah is still riding the bachelor train. she's darling, and i just want her to find someone outside of this world

leah arrives. we can't entirely remember her. she thinks she has friends just as girls are saying they can't stand her. why in the world is she looking for chad? he's the worst! leah definitely had some botox and filler since her season. i'm not knocking it just commenting. 

who is izzy? does anyone remember her?
Eeeeewww the twins with their bananas.
We're happy to see Jorge the bartender back.

Nick and Leah are on an explore the town date. Nick's kissing is the worst. Leah is basically planning the wedding. Nick is planning going on a date with someone else-Amanda. Nick's ego is boosted times 1000 having 2 dates in 1 day with different girls. This is the best first date Amanda has ever been on. I feel bad for her. She must have had some sucky first dates. Leah, the creep, is walking around the beach-the same place Nick and Amanda are making out.

Carly is wondering what it would be like to kiss Evan. My guess is it would be gross and weird. What does she see in him? I can't even with this...

It's rose ceremony time. Sarah and Vinny have a moment. They're the cutest, but then Izzy comes up. He kisses her too. What in the world? Leah is a mess. What is the deal with Daniel? And the roses go to

In walks Josh Murray. I liked the dude on the bach, but I've heard nothing but bad about him so far.

Josh is ready to fall in love again. Not to be a total cynic, but if he really wants to find love maybe he should look elsewhere than this show. Naturally Josh wants to go out with Amanda. Amanda says she has 2 kids. Josh says he has a dog-not the same at all. Josh asks Amanda on the date, and we're all worried Nick is going to kill Nick. Josh is not quite the charmer he was on Andi's season. Of course they're on a boat-classic bach date. Amanda and Josh seem to be pretty happy on their date. Nick is back at the house looking like a doof.again-I kind of feel a little sad for the dude. 
Evan gets a date card-right after Carly talks about how terrible things are with Evan. He's the weirdest so I don't really blame her. He creeps me out. Chris Harrison is on the date. Things cannot be good. They have to eat the hottest hot pepper and then kiss for 90 seconds. I can think of nothing worse. That actually was the worst. I did not need to see that.
NIght 2 starts. Carly does not like Evan in the slightest. Evan is not the smartest when it comes to women. Josh and Amanda are all down each other's throats. Nick says he's got nothing but love. I call BS. He obviously cares or he wouldn't be talking about it.
In walks Christian. Daniel thinks he has some sort of claim on Sarah. Christian asks Sarah on the date, and Daniel nearly loses his mind. Carly talks to Evan. He is devastated. We can't figure out what he was thinking in the first place. Carly and Christian are on their date and seem to be having fun. Now that Chad is gone, Daniel is the resident crazy. Sarah and Daniel talk. All of sudden she seems to like him. This is not going to end well.
Brandon comes in. No one has a clue who he is. He asks Haley on his date, and Carly is devastated. Haley and Emily switch each other, and it's so awkward.
Evan decides to throw a fit and I can't even handle him.
To be continued...
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