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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blogging the paradise-week 3

Evan makes a date card for Amanda. I can't even handle him. I can't do awkward. I want to crawl in a hole and die.
Josh gets a plate of gross pizza delivered. He says it's the best pizza he's ever had. I feel very bad for him if that's true. Nothing in Mexico is the best ever. This is why we don't ever see them eat food. It's so annoying.

Rose Ceremony
Josh needs some full body Botox for all the sweating.
Why do people say the best anything on this show? I can't believe that it's the best food, best date, etc.
Josh and Amanda are the worst, but Evan embarrassing himself again isn't helping anything.
Why does Even think it's his personal responsibility to warn Amanda about Josh?
Girls have the power this week. Most of the roses are pretty predictable. Carly gives her rose to Evan-whhhhyyyy???? Haley gives her rose to Nick because "you deserve to find love." Does anyone think maybe he should look for love outside of the bach?!?

Caila, the sex panther, comes and steals Jared away immediately after Emily tells us how much she likes him-predictable. Jared and Caila actually make a good couple.
Carly says Evan has no swag. He literally has negative swag. Ewwwww!
Foam party at a bar??? What in the world?

Ashley I arrives and she looks better than she has ever looked. She has goals about crying. Jared does not seem too excited for his to be here. Ashley is crying already, and I'm not sure how many different ways Jared can say he's not interested.
This has turned into the Ashley show, and I'm bored.
I hope Jen and Nick like each other.
Carly says she is back on the Evan train. We think she is just lonely.
Ashley needs to pull herself together.

Another rose ceremony
More of the Ashley I show
 To be continued once again

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