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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

train like an olympian

I am so sad the olympics are over. I love the olympics, but I didn't watch nearly as much this year as I wanted to. It's so inspiring to see the best of the best athletes. It's cool to see the competition, but I really love the performance. 

I saw a few posts on social media of people getting back to sports they once loved but have now neglected after watching the olympics. One friend decided to run a half marathon after watching some of the running. 
Actually being an Olympian requires full time training and complete dedication to the sport. Most of us aren't trying to actually become Olympians, but we can adapt a few things into our current workout routine to get a little stronger and perform a little better. 
I'm running the big cottonwood marathon in a little over 2 weeks. My big training goals have been to get a little stronger and perform a little better. Training smart is the key. Everyone trains differently. These are some things I'm doing to train smart. 
1. Clean up my diet-eating healthier makes such a difference. 
2. Lift weights-lifting makes you stronger. Being stronger makes you a better runner. 
3. Dress appropriately. The weather is starting to cool down here. Layering is generally a good option. compression sleeves are a good option for adding a little extra warmth without too much bulk. 
compression sleeves
What tips do you have for effective training?
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