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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Blogging the Paradise..week 4

we got a late start tonight. we spent  a lot of time chatting and took forever to get going
who's watching:celsey, alicia, lacey, amanda, megan, me

jared and ashley i are having the i love you convo for the 100th time
looks like ashley i is wearing that new lipstick everyone is wearing--lacey
i just want someone to love me like ashley loves jared--megan (who has a husband)
first world problems, ashley--megan
you feel like a stalker--cel

carly and evan also sarah and daniel

i had to step away for a few minutes and missed the rest of the cocktail party
daniel chooses haley at the last second
what does this teach us america? if you slut yourself out, you'll go places--megan
if you slut your sister out, you'll go places--alicia

ashley i comes back and asks for another chance. for some weird reason they let her. a few new guys arrive. we have no idea who they are.

caila gets asked on a date. she says yes then no then yes then no. and finally yes.
guys she's me. i can't even judge her--amanda

double date on the booze cruise. no one can remember carl's name. caila is so out of place. they come home, and caila is back into jared again. ashley is a bawling mess again.

ryan shows up. not one single soul has a clue who he is. he goes on a date. everyone is back at the house. grant and lace are in love. vinny and izzy are on the fritz.izzy has moved on. vinny has not.

to be continued...
i'm going to a concert tonight so i won't be able to watch. what happened?

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