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Sunday, August 21, 2016

churchy...prayer in numbers

it's been an unintentional several months since i did a churchy post. if we're being honest, i keep forgetting to post on the first sunday of the month. the first sunday quickly turns into the second, and it keeps not happening. i want to get back to monthly churchy posts.

i have always believed in prayer. i really can't ever remember learning about prayer. i feel like it is something i have always known. since i was a little girl, i pray daily to my Heavenly Father. i pray over meals. i pray when i need/want something. i pray for other people. i pray in gratitude. prayer is such a big part of my everyday life.
i currently have the opportunity to join friends of various and some of even no faith in prayer for our friend ana who is battling cancer. she is in the middle of very intense chemo treatments. one of our friends organized a prayer chain so that someone is praying for her every 15 minutes throughout the entire day. my time is 11:00pm. every night at 11:00, i stop whatever i am doing to pray. someone also suggested starting out our workouts each day with a prayerful plank for our friend ana. as part of my workout everyday this month, i pray for my friend ana (and recently another friend amber).

i believe so strongly in the power of prayer, but it is such a blessing to participate in something even bigger. joining thousands of people every single day multiple times a day to plead with Heavenly Father in behalf of our friend and her family gives me a much greater understanding of prayer and the ability we have to turn to a higher power. i know there is a God who listens to every one of those prayers. He may not choose to grant our requests, but i know they are heard. 

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