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Monday, January 8, 2018

blogging the bach 22.1

another season of the bachelor starts, and we are all pretty excited for arie to be the bachelor. celsey and i watched and loved him on emily's season so we have high hopes for this season.

who's watching-Celsey and I with the occasional pop in from Shawn and Gene

the show starts and we're reminded of how much we loved him on the bachelorette. 

first impressions
chelsea-single mom from maine, she seems like trouble
caroline-real estate from florida, first out, white dress
maquel-utah photographer, race car
nysha-nurse from south carolina, skydiving
tia-weiner, arkansas, green dress, little weiner gift
kendall-taxidermy from LA, ukalale, so nervious
bekah-nanny from LA, rolls up in a convertible mustang
marikh-SLC, owns indian restuarant
krystal-health fitness coach, san diego, red dress, hands on heart
sienne-navy dress, elephant cuff links for good luck
bibiana-dark green dress
bri-sports reporter, softball, light pink
jenny-hot link, graphic designer
brittane-bumper sticker
jenna-NC, blue dress, feet, all over the place
jessica-tv host, red dress, gratitude rock
becca-publicist, black dress
lauren s-black dress
lauren j-white dress, huge beads
lauren b-silver sparkle
lauren g-pineapple
ashley-another realtor, checkered flag
brittany t
amber-spray tan company
ali-pit stop
annaliese-kissing bandit

arie's first impression rose-chelsea. she says she's not competitive by nature, but that doesn't seem true. maybe he sees something we don't or maybe being mysterious really works

my fave first impressions-both utah girls, annaliese,tia, jessica

who gets a rose-chelsea, becca, marikh, kendall, lauren g, krystal, bekah, lauren s, sienne, caroline, brittany t, bibiana, annaliese, jenna, valerie, jaquelyn, jenny, lauren b, ashley, tia, miquel

who went home-jessica, amber, and several other girls they don't show

season previews-there's a whole lot of crying

word tally
tear tally-2 jessica and amber were both devastated to go home on night one

what did I miss from night one? what were your first impressions?
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