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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

blogging the bach 22.4

who's watching: Monday night tradish is back tonight. Everyone has been so sick so we haven't been able to get together this season. We have Celsey, Shawn, Megan, Rem, Amanda, Alicia, and me.

My computer took forever-like half the show-to update. I stayed on top of the tally, but I didn't work on this post until near the end.

Date 1-one-on-one with Sienne. They had a good time. They had some good conversation. Race comes up for the first time that I remember this season. Sienne says she didn't grow up with love stories with girls like her. Arie gives her the rose and they dance to a concert of people we have never heard of. Half of us know the song and the other half of us do not.

Date 2-group date. The date starts with wilderness survival. Arie almost has the girls (mostly Jacqueline) convinced to drink their own urine. We all gasp. They eat bugs and have to find their way out of the wilderness. They eventually end up at giant hot tub. Most of the girls have a really good time except Krystal who really struggles with the date. She cries and tells Arie her feelings are hurt and thinks she will for sure get the rose. She has a talking to with Caroline and Tia. Tia opens up to Arie about her feelings and gets the rose.

Date 3-one-on-one with Bekah. They ride horses to a random hot tub. They talk about their chemistry while all the girls back home talk about her age. Arie knows she is young but doesn't realize how young. They have a conversation about being ready and age and for a quick second it seems like he isn't sure what he is going to do. He gives her the rose, and it seems like she is going to stick around for a while.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony-Krystal has advice for everyone. She has a lot to say, and then Chris Harrison announces there is no cocktail party. The rose ceremony is about to start, but Krystal needs to talk to Arie first.

Who's left-Seinne, Tia, Bekah, Lauren, Kendall, Ashley, Becca K, Chelsea, Jenna, Jaqueline, Marikh, Krystal

Word Tally
tear tally-5

The show ends with previews for next week and some clips of conversations. Chelsea is pro glam and a former model.

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