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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Christmas 2017

I spent Christmas in California with Chelsea and her family again this year. It is much more fun to be where the kids are. Hopefully one of these years all the family will be able to be together, but it is hard with so many people and everyone being scattered everywhere.

I went the day before my birthday so I got to celebrate with them. I think the kids were more excited for my birthday than I was. We had a fun time going out to dinner and seeing Christmas lights.

We spent a lot of time on the trampoline. Kenzie is old enough to jump although the older kids still want to jump higher than she does.

I wish Christmas Eve was always on Sunday. We went to church, had a pretty low key afternoon, and had dinner with some of their friends.

After dinner we looked at lights. We came home and opened pajamas and acted out the Christmas story.

Karlee and Kenzie both wanted to be Mary.

We had a fun morning opening Christmas presents. The kids loved everything and made it really fun.

We got brave and made a turkey and homemade rolls. They turned out ok, but we could definitely use a little more practice.

Karlee was so excited for her chokers and JoJo bow.

We played some games.

and all took a turn with tiny hands and laughed and laughed

Kenzie really liked my diet coke-oops

I had a great visit. I'm lucky to have a job that gives me a Christmas break so I can spend a decent amount of time with family.

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