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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

blogging the bach 22.3

who's watching: The black plague has hit half the Monday night tradish crowd. We were hoping to watch together tonight, but everyone still isn't feeling completely well. We are determined to watch next week. Tonight Celsey , her dad, and I are watching together. Shawn watched for a while too.

date #1-it's all about the ring-miquel, jacqueline, lauren b, tia, marikh, becca m, bibiana, krystal
The date starts with wrestling coaching with ladies from the 80s. They are pretty intense and girls start crying. They get in costumes and get ready to wrestle. This date is kidn of weird and not our fave. Bibiana breaks the #1 rule of the show and wastes her time talking about Krystal. Krystal thinks she will for sure get the rose. When she doesn't she says she needs to step up her game. That's the last thing she needs to do.

date #2-lauren s you had me at merlot
Signs of being old-talking about bedtime on a date. When the bachelor is eating, it's not a good sign.
It was pretty obvious the date wasn't going super great. 

date #3-ashley, becca k, brittanie, jenna, caroline, chelsea, annaliese love can be ruff
The dog show is hilarious. None of the girls can get the dogs to do a thing. The rest of the date is mostly girls talking to Arie, wanting to talk to Arie, and talking about talking to Arie. He has a good amount of time with some girls. I still really like Becca and can tell Arie does to, but he gives the rose to Chelsea.

cocktail party/rose ceremony
Bibiana sets up a bunch of stuff outside and Lauren and Arie find and enjoy it as well as several others. Arie sets up a mini date with Tia. I like her. Arie obviously likes her. Annaliese wants to kiss Arie, but he doesn't want to kiss her. He kisses a few more girls before Annaliese comes back to chat more. I'm having a hard time watching. I feel embarrassed for her.

who's left-becca, chelsea, caroline, kendall, ashley, lauren, brittanie, becca k, sienne, krystal, tia, miquel, jenna, jaqueline, marikh 

word tally
tear tally-9

so far tia, becca k, and caroline are some of my faves. we haven't done our brackets yet with all the sickness and we agree that annaliese would have messed them up.

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