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Friday, January 26, 2018

January Happs 

Christmas break literally feels like yesterday, yet here we are at the last few days of January. This might be one of my favorite January’s ever. The weather has been amazing. That will likely be a problem in the summer, but I’m enjoying it for now. 

I rarely watch movies-in the theater or at home, but there was so much hype about The Greatest Showman. I was excited when Becky’s friends decided to go see it. It was a fun night with good friends. The movie was good. The music and choreography are amazing! There was so much build up to the movie-probably too much build up. I liked it. I would see it again but probably not a few days later. 

January has been dance mom month. The Lancelles had 2 competitions and regionals. They are crazy talented and bring so much good energy. They are so fun to watch and a great team to support. 

I ordered this black charcoal peel off mask from Groupon. Mandi and I were hanging out one night and decided to try it. It’s a fun mask to do with a friend because it really is kind of funny. 

Brittany, Mandi, and I finally got together for dinner. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. We had so much fun catching up. 

Instead of a Christmas gift exchange Sage, Tiffany, and Michelle went to afternoon tea at the Grand America. We had the best time dressing up, drinking tea and the best hot chocolate of my life, eating yummy food, and making plans to do more fancy things. It was a cold winter day and the perfect day for afternoon tea. 

We got quite a bit of snow the same weekend as tea at the Grand. It seemed like winter blew in with full force and blew back out as fast as it came in. 

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