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Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 one little word recap-EMBRACE

We're 2 full weeks into 2018, and I'm still playing catch up with 2017. The year started kind of as a blur, and looking back the whole year really was a blur. I tried to make time for the things that were most important and let many other things go. It is difficult to accept that not everything can be a top priority, but it is a lesson I have finally (for the most part) learned. my overall goal and theme for the year was EMBRACE which helped me enjoy this season of my life and the priorities at this time.

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*nightly gratitude journal-better-sometimes i was really good and sometimes i wasn't. i plan to continue this goal into 2018 
*do something that scares me/pushes me out of my comfort zone-✓
*attend temple 12 times-i barely made my goal of 12 times. i took advantage of an afternoon cancellation to go to the draper temple one afternoon
*monthly journal-same as nightly gratitude journal. sometimes i was good and sometimes i was not.
*csatt/fitness goals-csatt challenges were not on a consistent schedule and i let excuses get in the way at times. i got more focused the end of the year,

*finish all Christmas(cards, gifts, mail, etc. by Dec 15)-for the most part i was done
*read daily Christmas scriptures-✓. i loved doing this and want to remember to do it again this year
*100 daily abs✓ish-i started out doing really well and dropped off once i left town
*gluten free for 21 days to support a friend recently diagnosed with celiac-✓-eating gluten free isn't as bad as it sounds although knowing i was only doing it for 3 weeks made it not so bad. i got used to reading all the labels which helped me be more accountable with my food
*follow #lighttheworld campaign✓-i wish i would have participated more, but i was happy for the times i was able to participate.

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