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Monday, July 30, 2018

blogging the bach tell all

who's watching: We have a little crowd tonight. We're back to the OG bach crowd-Celsey and Shawn and me.

By this point in the season I am usually ready for the show to be over. I am ready per usual for the season to end, but I am pretty excited for this men tell all. I've heard good things from people who already watched.

The show starts with an extended preview of paradise. I CANNOT WAIT for it! They recap this season, and I still cannot wait for paradise.

Who even knows what is going on after that. There is a lot of bickering between all of these boys. Jordan just needs to get in the hot seat. Nick accuses David of what we have all been thinking-that he was there for Jordan not Becca. Meanwhile Chris Harrison has no control over this mess and sits in his chair laughing and laughing.

A few random guys from night one pipe in. Who is the guy in the tux and why is he wearing women's cropped pants and women's dress shoes?

Jordan gets in the hot seat, and it is more of the same. He says he is wearing his gold underwear and I'm afraid he is going to take his pants off.

Joe the grocer has definitely gotten hotter. He looks like a totally different person. He doesn't say much, but I CANNOT WAIT for paradise. He is so cute!

Wills comes to the hot seat, and I am distracted planning drinks for Mandi's mocktail bridal shower party. A lot of people really liked Wills this season, but I was never all that into him. Apparently I still am not. Maybe I will change my mind in paradise.

Jason comes to the hot seat. I am just sad for him. His tears while watching things back make me sad. He seems pretty mature about the whole thing. 

Chris gets the last word. He seems to realize he was not his best self on this show. Let's hope he is better on paradise. The gospel choir comes out and it's a pretty good move. 

The bloopers are the best always, but even better than the bloopers is John's math about how Jordan got to 4000 tinder matches-365,000 swipes per day or something crazy like that.

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