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Monday, July 9, 2018

blogging the bach 14.7

who's watching: We are missing half our crowd tonight. We have Megan and Rem and Shawn and Celsey.

We got a little hijacked by Trump, but by the time we started watching he was done. They arrive in the Bahamas and everyone is excited to be there.

Date #1-one on one with Colton-Becca really likes him for some reason. He gets the boat date. They have fun and make out a ton. Becca says in her interview that he would have to drop a major bomb to not get the rose. Colton tells Becca he is a virgin and she acts like it is the worst thing she has ever heard. She steps out for a few, and Colton panics a little. She comes back and he says some weird things about being comfortable in the locker room and not waiting for marriage. She wants to meet the people that made him and gives him the rose.

Date #2 one on one with Garrett-After meeting on the beach, they hop on a little sea plane and fly around. They talk about liking each other and the other guys and then make out a lot. Becca wants to make sure there is more to their relationship than physical. They talk about hometowns at dinner including who they would meet, his ex-wife, and what else there is to him. She gets the depth she wants. He says he is falling in love and gets the rose. They strip and run into the ocean.

Date #3-one on one with Blake-Blake gets the town date which isn't always the best. She is really excited to see him. They dance around town and end up at the beach for more serious talk. Why does she keep talking about the other guys on her dates? Blake opens up about his family at dinner. He tells her he loves her, and she seems pretty in love with him too.

Date #4-Wills, Leo, Jason-After all the other dates, I'm just not feeling it with any of these dudes. Becca and Leo talk and decide it's best not to go meet his family, and it basically turns into a 2 on 1. See you in paradise Leo. Thanks to Trump and his interruption, the show stops there. Did it actually stop or did it just stop recording?

Roses-Colton, Garrett, Blake and who knows who gets the group date rose. Are hometowns really next week? That seems crazy!

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