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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

blogging the bach 14.6

who's watching-Monday Night Tradish is back on and everyone is here. We've been pretty hit and miss this season-more miss than hit so it's fun to have the gang back together again.

Date #1-one on one with Jason. A lot of people are loving Jason. I haven't been super excited about him so far so I am excited to see more. It was a little noisy during their date, and I honestly missed most of it. They have some pretty serious conversations at dinner. He gets a rose, and I think he will probably be in the final 3.

Date #2-group date-political style date since they are in Virginia. The guys all take the podium and are asked about honesty and transparency. Naturally Chris takes the opportunity to make a fool of himself while airing all the dirty laundry of the house/Lincoln. I am not sure why he decided to do that in front of an audience. The evening part is super awkward and a waste of time. The conversations between the guys is a lot more heated than I would expect at this point. Shouldn't they all be friends by this point?! Garrett basically tells Chris to get it together and shut it. Becca takes a few minutes to herself to get over all the drama and comes back to Garrett, Colton, and then Wills and things improve. Colton gets the rose. Chris says the battle is not over. Since when is this show a battle?! He really needs to go.

Date #3-one on one-Leo. Have they even had one conversation this whole season? Leo is probably a great guy, but it's a little too late for him. Becca doesn't agree. She gives him the rose. I'm not really surprised he gets the rose, but I don't think he will be around past next week.

Leo comes back from the date and seems like it was a great day. Chris decides that's the right time for him to go visit Becca and ruin her night. Becca tells Chris his drama has seeped into every date in Virginia. The conversation isn't great, and she sends him home.

Rose ceremony-Jason, Connor, Leo already have roses. We are surprised there are only 3 roses. Garrett, Blake, Wills get those roses.  

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