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Monday, July 16, 2018

blogging the bach 14.8..hometowns

who's watching-the whole crowd is here tonight.

hometown #1-Garrett's hometown in Manteca, CA (I need to ask Chelsea if she knows they were so close to her). The day starts out on the farm. Someone forgot to tell Becca what to wear but she manages ok. They have a fun day and then go meet the fam. Everyone is there. Garrett has a perma smile. His divorce comes up..a lot. Garrett is putting it all out there and says he will be ok if it doesn't work out. His family is all pretty mellow and kind. Becca can see herself with Garrett and his family. I can see it too.

hometown #2-Jason in Buffalo, NY. They start the date with a wing eating contest. That's probably fun in real life, but that's a mess for TV. They go ice skating/hockey, and I wonder how he is still here. He really likes her, but I'm just not sure she feels the same. Jason's mom asks Becca if she thinks she has found her person. She beats around the bush and says she is hopeful. She tells Jason she couldn't read if Becca is falling for him. That's not a great sign for him. His mom seems pretty perceptive about the situation, but she is also really nice about it. Jason tells Becca he is wildy insanely madly in love with her.

hometown #3-Blake in Bailey, CO. Becca is so excited to see Blake and says in her interview she loves him. We can't figure out why people take people back to their high schools. Blake tells Becca about a school shooting that happened his senior year of high school, and it makes a little more sense-maybe. Blake has a concert for Becca in the high school-Betty who. None of us have a clue who she is. They meet the fam. His mom wants to chat. Amanda says she would tell her mom nah let's stay with the group. Mom is happy for him. Dad is skeptical. In the end, they are all supportive. Becca and Blake are both in major love.

hometown #4-Colton in Colorado. They shop for gifts and take them to the children's hospital. They have a good time there and then have a chat about meeting his family and being scared about his lack of experience. Their day date is so short/not really shown. They walk in the door to 18 people. Colton and Becca separately talk to his dad. He brings up Tia and her engagement to Arie. He tells his mom he loves her, and then she tells Becca. He tells her he loves her, and it makes her feel so special. I still don't see it with them.

Becca's girls from Arie's season are back to chat cause drama with Tia. Becca tells them about all of her hometown dates. Tia wants to talk to Becca about Colton. She still has feelings for him. Whhhhyyyy does she wait until now to tell her this??? What is Becca supposed to do now? She is now in the weirdest spot ever, and we all agree we would be pretty upset.

Blake, Jason, and Garrett get roses. Colton is completely blindsided-exactly what Becca didn't want to happen, but what is inevitable on this show. She doesn't say anything about Tia so I guess we will all see that play out in paradise.  

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