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Monday, July 23, 2018

blogging the bach 14.9...fantasy suites

who's watching-we sent the boys home with the kids and all the girls and shawn stay to watch

date #1-Blake-They start the date with a hike to a Buddhist temple. Did JoJo do this exact same date? Becca doesn't know how she will make it through the date without kissing Blake. We aren't sure why she chose this date with him. They haven't seen each other for 2 weeks, and Blake had a really hard time with it. They talk in circles about where they're at, and Blake tells her he looks for reasons to stay instead of reasons to leave. They get the fantasy suite card and head to the fantasy suite with the see through door. Blake is all in. Becca keeps talking about her feelings of doubt on Arie's season. That makes me a little nervous for Blake.

date #2-Jason-It seems like people are either diehard Jason fans or not at all. They walk down the stairs of another temple, and Becca realizes she can't picture Jason in her future. We had to rewind 3 times to hear what she actually says. She talks to a producer while he awkwardly sits and looks around. She thinks more time might help. Jason rambles on and on at dinner about loving her while Becca looks at him thinking oh crap. She gets up and leaves, and it's awkward again. They come back to the table and Becca says she isn't confident it won't be him, but she has stronger feelings for the other two guys. He pushes the topic a little before accepting that he is going home. He leaves. They both cry..a lot.

date #3-Garrett-He obviously gets the cool date of the group. The romantic date turned into party date. There are people EVERYWHERE. They have a pretty serious conversation during the evening portion. He is cute. I don't know that he is Blake cute, but when he says he truly loves her, she is all about that. He loves her. She loves him. The end.

Jason comes back. We aren't sure if he is there to get closure or if he is trying to change her mind. After her date with Garrett, she is definitely not going to change her mind. He comes to properly wrap up their relationship and give her a memory book. 

Rose ceremony-The guys show up and have no idea Jason is gone. Becca tells Chris Harrison she will only say I love you to the final guy. Garrett is smiling bigger than he has all season, and Blake is starting to get nervous. They both love her. She loves both of them. Two more weeks, and we will see what happens.

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