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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Current situation 

I received these products from Therapedic. All opinions are my own.

Things are kind of bad around here. My room is an absolute mess. We got new blinds in the house about a month ago. I put a bunch of stuff in the middle of the room so it wasn't close to the blinds. I haven't put it back yet because I am in the slow process of re doing my room.

I purchased a new mattress, but I haven't had time to go pick it up yet. Therapedic sent me some new products to go along with my new mattress- Therapedic Cool and Fresh Fiberbed and Pillows. I am so excited to actually use them soon, very soon.

The Therapedic cool and fresh fiberbed and pillows are part of their spring refresh line intended to help keep things cool and allergen free especially during these hot summer months. My allergies have been out of control this year so I am so excited to see how this helps with that.

I thought I posted this a couple of months ago, and obviously I did not. Things are still a mess, but they are slowly improving. I have my new bed set up, but I have more to do still. I bought a bed frame with a minimalist headboard and new bedding and finally am making some progress. The Therapedic fiberbed is so comfortable and the new pillows are exactly what I like. Thank you Therapedic for keeping my new bed fresh, cool, comfortable and allergen free.

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